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1.4 Help Topics

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The Guide is separated into six parts

  1. "How to use this Guide" is an introduction on the use of the Guide.
  2. "Master Agreements" which is a commentary on the Master Agreements covered by the Guide.
  3. "Products". This part contains guidance on how to document particular types of risk management products using the ISDA Master Agreement. Included in this part are interest rate and currency products, credit and equity derivatives, securities lending, repos, electricity, commodities, environmental products, gas & carbon.
  4. "Issues" is commentary on selected issues facing market participants, including regulation, tax, netting, investment managers, novations, collateral and EMU.
  5. "Cases on derivatives" contains summaries, and links to published judgments, of cases dealing with derivatives.
  6. "History and Update" contains PDFs of prior versions of the Guide.
What This Guide Contains


The purpose of the Guide is to facilitate the use of the ISDA Master Agreement or, where appropriate, the other master agreements discussed in 2 "Master Agreements", in the Australian risk management products markets by having a recommended approach and to ensure that the amendments made to the master agreements for use under the law in force in one of the Australian states or territories are as uniform as possible.

It achieves this by providing legal commentary on the ISDA Master Agreement and, where appropriate, other master agreements, when the parties want to specify the governing law as the law in force in one of the Australian states or territories (other than South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory).



The Guide is divided into topics. Some topics contain multiple topics. There are several ways to find a topic in the Guide.
You can use:

  • the Navigation function;
  • the Site Map function; or
  • the Search function
How To Find a Topic


To navigate the Guide, click the topic from the top navigation menu.

The Contents are displayed in the left pane.

You use the Contents in the same way as you would use the Contents section of a book. When you find the topic that you want, click on it to display it in the right pane.

TIP: Use the breadcrumb navigation for a hierarchal view of a given topic or sub-topic. You can click on other hierarchal levels within the breadcrumb navigation to go directly to that topic.


Site Map

The Site Map function enables you to see a treeview of all topics in the Guide. To use the Site Map function, click the Site Map link at the bottom of the webpage.

The Site Map is displayed in the right pane.





The Search function allows you to find all topics in the Guide which contain a certain word or words. To use the Search function, click the Search button at the bottom of the webpage.

Type the word or words that you are looking for in the Search field and click the Go button or press Enter to display the results of your search. Searching for a term "between quotation marks" will further refine the search.

The results show in the right pane all topics which contain the word or words that you searched for. Click on a topic to display it in the right pane. Your searched term will be shown in bold in the search summary. Searches may display more than one page of results. Click the result page number to be shown multiple page results.

Search Results

Links in this Guide

The Guide contains links to related material. Links are in underlined red text. When you move your cursor over a link, the cursor changes to a hand.

If you click on a link it takes you to the related material.

Links in the Guide can:

Links in this Guide

Printing from this Guide

There are two ways you can print from this guide

  • Use the print icon from the accessibility toolbar on each page of the guide; OR
  • Use the print icon on the Internet browser toolbar. You must ensure that you have clicked in the topic you wish to print.
Printing from this Guide